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Sharon believed that Green Grocer’s Daughter could bring a new dimension to the Irish hamper and luxury gift market. Now Sharon is ready for a new challenge. By combining quality Irish Staple Pantry items from artisan suppliers including Green Grocer’s Daughter home brand products, and fabulous, sustainable homeware gifts our luxurious hampers are totally unique, and […]


On the back of adversity, tragedy, tremendous courage, and success, Sharon, the second youngest member of the Fitzpatrick clan, went on to found Fitzers Catering in the late 1980’s. Over the last three decades, Sharon and her wonderful team at Fitzers Catering have served the world’s biggest and brightest stars.  To show her appreciation to […]

Tragedy Strikes

However, in 1975 tragedy struck when Frank Fitzpatrick suffered a heart attack and passed away in the shop on a busy Saturday afternoon. Frank’s death was a huge blow to the family, and it left Carmel in what  many people perceived to be an impossible position. Newly widowed, with five children still in school, she […]

A family affair

As was the way for many Irish family businesses at that time, it was a team effort and from a young age, both Sharon and Paula helped out, working on the shop floor with their brothers and sisters. Our dynamic duo developed their lasting passion for good-quality food, cultivated their ferocious work ethic, and received […]


Our story begins many years ago when our founders Sharon and Paula first started working in their Father’s fruit and vegetable shop “Fitzpatricks” on Dublin’s Camden Street. While working day and night to try and run the fledgling business, Frank and his wife Carmel were running a very busy household raising nine children.

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