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Our Sustainability

Because good food shouldn’t cost the earth…

As an indigenous Irish company, one of our core values is our sustainability and to buy Irish wherever possible. We work with local suppliers and farmers to develop a sustainable product but also a very high-quality product.

We are not tied into large purchasing contracts, so this differentiates us from our competitors as we as a company are very diverse. We are an extremely innovative company and our strategy is to keep on trend within the hospitality industry and deliver new styles of food, products and service to our clients.

We work with all our clients and stakeholders to ensure we deliver the most economically, socially and environmentally friendly hampers and we are committed to achieving and maintaining our Sustainability Standard.

When developing the new hamper range, sustainability was at the heart of these luxury hampers, carefully selecting and using all Irish produced food with sustainable and recyclable gifts to last a lifetime.

Sustainability of our Hampers

Our Box

  • Our boxes are very tasteful and sturdy
  • They are fully reusable (stationary, keepsakes, socks etc)
  • They are all fully recyclable

Oil and Vinegar Glass Bottles

  • All glass bottles are fully recyclable
  • All glass jars are fully recyclable
  • All food products are produced on the island of Ireland
  • All our packaging is recyclable

These have many uses and can be used as storage bottles or as a vase for garden flowers to decorate the table!


The gift range in our Hamper Collection is inspired by the Scandi interior style which is characterised by functionality and simplicity

It includes uses of rustic wood, hemp and pottery.

With a selection of tasteful items with natural finishes within our hamper range which will be used time and time again in the home for years to come.

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