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Corporate Hampers

Corporate Hampers and their impact

Are you looking for a way to express your gratitude to your clients? We will explain in this article, why Corporate Hampers make the ideal corporate gifts. Offering any sort of present to the various stakeholders in an organisation is great way to say “Thank you” and show your appreciation.

Why send corporate hampers? 

A Hamper is a fantastic gift any time of the year but particularly at Christmas. Companies often present stakeholders, employees, clients, potential clients, business partners, suppliers, and other individuals’ customised gifts or corporate hampers. As it is a broad range of individuals with different tastes it is often difficult to choose that “perfect gift”. When you give a Hamper there is usually something for everyone in the family. It becomes a discussion point at home when opening it and looking at the contents, and your thoughtfulness will be rewarded by the appraisal each time an item from the hamper is used.

 Corporate Hampers Dublin are a very powerful but subtle way to express gratitude to clients for the prosperous year of business. This becomes much more crucial during harder times in business; thanking your consumers and expressing your appreciation for their ongoing business is more crucial than ever.

What is usually in in the Corporate hampers? 

Corporate Hampers in Dublin  have traditionally been gifted to those in need, usually at Christmas time, and included food and necessary items. This is a custom that is common all over the world.

Corporate gift baskets can include a variety of things, generally festive food from local artisan suppliers, top quality beverages,sweets and treats,along with a candle or some household items. They can be tailor-made to suit all budgets. Our range of Hampers includes something for everyone. Wether it’s a  “thank you for your support” to a customer or a client or a “Merry Christmas” to a team member or colleague, our range of  Corporate Hampers will give you the choice to find the perfect gift this Christmas.

Our foodie Hamper includes some tasteful cooking utensils which a stylish useful addition to any kitchen, and there is also an option to add our Party Party Cookbook, which will give you all the tips about how to run an event in your home.

Our Cheese and Wine Hampers have a selection of artisan Irish cheeses, award winning wines, relish and crackers along with a wooden board to present the “cheeseboard”.  There is some locally sourced chocolate too which is sure to delight. Altogether with the reusable, stylish Hamper Box, the recycled packaging inside the box, this makes a this Hamper very sustainable gift also.

All our Hampers contain a “lasting gift” whichh is not only sustainable, but each time you’re valued colleague, stakeholder, client or team member sees these gifts around their home they will think of you.This a more intimate way to gift and express how much they value their business partnership.

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