Guaranteed Irish

Our story begins many years ago when our founders Sharon and Paula first started working in their Father’s fruit and vegetable shop “Fitzpatricks” on Dublin’s Camden Street. As was the way for many Irish, family businesses at that time, it was a team effort and from a young age, both Sharon and Paula helped out working on the shop floor with their brothers and sisters. It was in Fitzpatrick’s Greengrocer’s where our dynamic duo cultivated their ferocious work ethic and developed their lasting passion for high-quality, local produce. When creating the Guaranteed Irish Luxury Hamper
range, the team at The Greengrocer’s Daughter were tasked with connecting the network of Guaranteed Irish members in order to design the most magnificent, artisan luxury hampers that would truly showcase our nation’s finest products. Sharon and Paula had the great pleasure of meeting so many local producers and suppliers all across the country and they were delighted to discover that the Guaranteed Irish members businesses were all driven by the same passion and love for high-quality Irish food and beverage products as theirs’s.

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